2023An official map in Open Fortress as of Revision 16 and included with in ProOF 2v2 duel map.This is an evolution of a competitive focused rendition of Arid, now taking up a unique theme and gameplay style. It has three powerups that the player must balance and rotate around to control. This is my first time working on a more modern theme, this one being a nighttime museum heist.As of me writing this, the map is halfway through the artpass and is planned to be finished by Revision 20.Open Fortress Download


2023A community map made for Open Fortress.This is an attempt at making a more gameplay focused semi-competitive map. There are three main arenas to duke it out in with many smaller connector rooms and hallways.Download on


2023An official map in Open Fortress as of Revision 16.Tycoon was developed for the gamemode Push. It requires that the player bring a neutral flag that would spawn in the middle to the enemy's base to gain a point. This map encourages a back and fourth flow from the two teams akin to a soccer or basketball.Shortly after developing, this got accepted into Open Fortress landing me the role as a mapper on the team.A full artpass and makeover is planned for this within the distant future.Open Fortress Download


2022A community map made for Open Fortress.My first map made for Open Fortress. I attempted a free flowing style of gameplay in the industrial badlands theme.Download on

Celestial Resort

2023Entered in the third Open Fortress mapping contest and made within 96 hours.This is a recreation of the hotel from chapter 3 of the game Celeste.Download on


2023Entered in the second Open Fortress Mapping Contest and won first place. Made within 48 hours.This is a recreation and fully playable version of Shrek's house and the Duloc arena. Several teleporters link the two separate areas together.Download on


2021Entered in the 2021 72HR Winter Jam contest.A recreation of my Aunt's 19th century house in Pennsylvania.Download on